Building Higher Quality Roads Using "Waste" Plastics.


To Close the Loop on Soft Plastics and Toner Powder

In Australia alone, more than 300,000 tons of soft plastic is dumped into landfills every year. Not only is this bad for the environment, it is a monumental waste of valuable resources that can be re-used and re-purposed into high performance products. 

TonerPlas is Close the Loop’s award-winning asphalt additive. This ground-breaking additive is a key ingredient to making high performance asphalt roads that last longer and require less maintenance than traditional asphalt.

It is designed to melt into, extend and modify the bituminous binder mastic in asphalt. It improves the mechanical properties of asphalt, leading to improved durability.


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The world is moving towards a sustainable future. Stronger, safer, better roads. Choose TonerPlas today.

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100% Recycled

Every tonne of TonerPlas uses plastic from 106,000 plastic bags and 2,500 waste toner cartridges.

Cost Effective

Roads made with TonerPlas last longer, less maintenance, reducing whole of life cost

Shovel Ready

Our factory is ready to ship TonerPlas for all types of road right now, all over Australia.

Performance Enhancing

TonerPlas increases road longevity under high heat and heavy traffic. 

Strong Partners for TonerPlas

The two major components of TonerPlas are the mixed soft plastics from the REDcycle collection program and toner powder from cartridges collected by Cartridges for Planet Ark.

These programs are the backbone of the TonerPlas supply line, but as Steve says, collection is just the start… 

Steve Morriss

Steve Morriss

Founder – Close the Loop

“Growing successful collection programs is only beneficial if there is a next step. Collection is NOT recycling. Completed sales of products made from ‘waste’ is the only evidence of a successful recycling program.”