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1000km Challenge

Join the challenge. See the 1000km TonerPlas challenge website for more details.

Started on the 3rd of September 2020, the 1000km Challenge is an initiative to lay 1000km of TonerPlas modified asphalt in roads across Australia. If we can lay 1000km, we will have contributed to the reuse and recycling of 530 000 000 plastic bags and the toner from 12 500 000 toner cartridges. 
Currently, 4 councils have expressed their direct support of the challenge and will strive to use TonerPlas wherever possible, but more than 30 councils have already used our product in at least one project. If you’re not part of council you can join the list of 5 initiatives and 2 asphalt companies who have also dedicated themselves to the support of TonerPlas.
"Waste needs to be pulled through the circular economy by strong markets, not pushed through by the need to keep more shredders and conveyors busy."
Steve Morriss
Founder - Close the Loop

Adelaide Hills Council

Watch an Adelaide Hills video about their support of recycled asphalt and TonerPlas.

Adelaide Hills Council recently used recycled plastics in the form of TonerPlas in a road project undertaken by AAA Asphalt. Hear from Steve Smith, the technical officer of civil services at Adelaide Hills Council as he talks about the targets set for using recycled content and the benefits of recycled plastics in roads.
Adelaide Hills Council has set a 30% target for the use of of recycled content in all new roads and TonerPlas provides a long term solution for meeting their goal. 
"Increasing the amount of recycled content in our asphalt doesn't have a negative effect on the performance of the asphalt, in fact incorporating the plastics into it increases the durability and rut resistance of the road."
Steve Smith
Technical Officer - Adelaide Hills Council

City of Ballarat

Read about the newest road in the City of Ballarat using Reconophalt containing TonerPlas.

The Mayor of Ballarat, Cr Ben Taylor is readily in support of the use of recycled content in roads. He says the prices are competitive with traditional asphalt and it is reported to have enhanced properties.  
Cr Taylor said the City of Ballarat was continuing to advocate for the state government to support a recycling materials sorting facility in Ballarat to create higher value recycling product and incentivise business innovation in re-manufacturing. 
"If this is successful here, and by the looks of it, it will be, we will be looking at every opportunity across the city to utilise the surface where we can."
Cr Ben Taylor
Mayor of Ballarat

City of Hume

Read what George Osborne has to say after nearly 20 years of support since being part of the first council to use TonerPlas modified asphalt in roads. 

The City of Hume is home to many innovative companies involved in advanced materials repurposing. This sector already makes a significant economic contribution to our municipality. We are committed to supporting and growing the sector. There is no better exemplar of the circular economy in action than Close the Loop which was founded more than 20 years ago in our city.
We are pleased to have been able to support Close the Loop by being the first council in Australia to resurface roads using the company’s expanding range of asphalt additives since 2012. Markets are needed to sustain the use and growth of recycled content. Using products like TonerPlas is an opportunity for local governments to signal their commitment to the circular economy. Our council is delighted to commit to The 1000km Challenge as part of its forthcoming roads program.
"Using products like TonerPlas is an opportunity for local governments to signal their commitment to the circular economy."
George Osborne
Manager, Economic Development

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